Preface by Tulanda
2012 — 2020

After a major dimensional shift I was resting in my favorite place, high up in the mountains where the brilliance of planet Earth was finely reinstated in its full glory — where all plant life was once again in harmony with the law of ONE. I felt an oceanic unity with everything around me, where matter and energy moved in an eternal dance, and life and death were but changing states of both. I sensed that beneath that pulsing matrix of matter and energy lay something deeper. Something in me craved knowledge of the underlying order, and in that moment I began to see as I had never seen before…was it the end?…
…Then my thoughts went back to my never to be forgotten event of experiencing a life in a human body on planet Earth. The immense deviations of emotions and mental thought chatter have been difficult to overcome. I have a genuine admiration for the immortal spirits that have been trapped for so long in this illusion of the lower dimensions. I feel very privileged to have been part of their awakening, even if it was only for two lifetimes.
Looking around me now, it is very clear that a tremendous transformation took place when the galaxy of planet Earth was relocated in its new position in the universe.
My Soul Partner has made preparations for our ‘pickup’ as he called it. The verbal communication has rubbed off on us both. Together we will travel multi-dimensionally to our home planet where I will officially hand over my awakening assignment.
With the help of my fellow soulmates the following visionary novel has now been collected together and projected on an astral holographic screen for my elders to evaluate; so I could translate Ingrid’s journal into a novel rather than a diary. I know that I can travel back at any moment and become once again part of a cosmic plot.
My consciousness can easily enter into the human dream and relive with many others the beginning of the first awakening level of the Jaarsma Clan …..when the transformation started during spring time of the month of April …….


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