1888 – 2012 –2020
It is early Spring on Earth, the winter has passed. The change indeed shows the magic of elemental creation in action. The warming rays of the sun are gently stroking many hearts in order to awaken and prepare its inhabitants to a new evolutionary cycle.
My mission started in the year 1888. I was granted permission to act as a Guide, and activate individual consciousness, just as the Sun with its warmth is activating a new day in this time zone.
Times are changing rapidly now. You the reader chose to be present here on earth in order to experience the most significant opportunity of all your many lifetimes.
I came from the dimensional realm, which some call the Power of One. This primal void or source of One that cannot be named surrounds all creation. In this realm time does not exist and I observe your reality as a happening in only just one moment.
The part of you that exists in a physical form seems cut off from the source therefore I have a deep admiration for the many billions of Spirit Sparks that have had the courage to incarnate over and over again through the ages.
However, through that process many have fallen asleep to themselves.
I have been given permission from the inner realm of soul consciousness to ‘nudge’ you all through love. Because you are all part of me, the feeling from many that have a need to return home has been noted.
You are still somewhat trapped in the patterns of human activity, which is part of the resistance that attracts you to the outer tonal, third dimensional world. The five senses are still preventing the full flow of soul energy from being manifested into the physical.
I AM the love, the light, and the life of creation, penetrating into this earthly density externally expressed through your technologies, activating the WHITE LIGHT within all.


The Jaarsma Group Soul incarnated as an idea on Earth in 1888. My Oversoul’s energy explored the possibility of full awakening through many incarnations. The I AM’s of many individual souls needed to be nudged to awaken, for they had chosen to partake in the transformation — which became known as Program Planet Earth.
The following story was the result of what happened when action is taken before the events leading up to the year 2012. Ingrid’s story happened in the same moment it was created, and you, the reader, are part of it.
Soon you, the reader, will enter space, the in–breath of your evolution; taking back with you all that you have learned into the oneness and connectedness. Feel the presence of this light as an aspect of the real you.
Let Ingrid’s journey awaken your memories and call forth the remembrance of being eternal omni–dimensional beings. Every embodied soul knows the connecting link with the manifested and the un–manifested and as you walk through the embodied state of existence in your life cycle, know that you are a creation in motion.
Beloved, it is all a matter of consciousness, therefore, think no more that you are separated from other spiritual beings.
Soon you will abide in the impersonal realm, where all power, all wisdom and all love are manifesting as the threefold nature of the idea of our creator that expresses through all of us.
With love and light.


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