Apeldoorn – Holland.

“Are you awake?” The popular song on ‘The Awakening’ playing on her car radio was asking.
A hidden smile dimpled her cheek as she recalled the mystical encounter from the previous night. The words ‘Are you awake?’ made her heart soft, reinstating her enthusiasm for life that crisp Tuesday morning. Strong, resolute hands holding the steering wheel started to drum with the beat. Ingrid’s silk blouse under her elegant suit portrayed a graceful, sensual woman, mature but still youthful.

Apeldoorn’s business centre hummed with activity. After parking her car for the day she noticed a big sign in a newly-opened book shop called ‘The Power of Words’ advertising: Ascension workshops Starting Soon!
Good grief how intriguing. The word ‘ascension’ raised her spirits even more. She dashed around the corner through the wide glass doors of Pleasure Parks modern office building. The tall palms in the foyer half-hid the receptionist. As the elevator door’s infrared detector responded to her body heat, her colleague Carla, who looked like she’d just fallen out of bed, called out…

“Hi! Stunning suit! Trying to dazzle someone?”

Carla, was both clever and fun-loving with a good sense of humour.
Ingrid loved her job. She administered the maintenance of twelve holiday resorts throughout Europe, outlined artistic impressions for their new developments and did some PRO work. All this kept her from being bored. The chief attractions of Pleasure Parks resorts were the exotic fantasy gardens with a wide-range of bathing and suntanning beaches combined with wave pools, gymnasiums, health clubs and shops galore. These extensive facilities were situated under one big glass geodesic dome that assured a subtropical climate all year round.

She had been looking for the right job for some time. Then eighteen months previously this position became available and her three grown-up children encouraged her to apply for it.
Her move to the outskirts of the town ‘Apeldoorn’, after her husband Jan’s death, had been very difficult. Leaving the harbour city of Rotterdam she had shared with him for 23 years, closed a chapter in her life.

Ingrid glanced through the glass partition of her office. Marijke, her down-to-earth assistant, who programmed and invoiced the holiday bookings from the ANWB VVV offices all over Holland into their database, was late.

Marijke had lost her little boy, Kees, in a car accident four months previously and she had great difficulty coming to terms with her loss. Her grief still hung around her like glue. Thinking about Kees made Ingrid recollect her own grievous times after Jan’s death, but her mystical encounter the previous night marked a turning point.

She was about to switch her computer on when suddenly she froze… A message had appeared on her screen! The question was very bright and clear!

-Would you like to take part in the Awakening Process?-

How weird! Her computer! It was NOT ON! How was that possible? She sat for a moment like a statue. Nobody took any notice of her. Marijke appeared, apologizing for being late as she popped her head round the door. Looking back at her screen the words were still there, very bold and clear, but her monitor was NOT ON! She grabbed the mouse and at that moment the screen went blank! HOW WEIRD! Hearing the song on the radio ‘Are you awake’; seeing the new bookshop that advertised a workshop on ascension, and now this. Was this a coincidence?

The loud melody of her desk phone jolted her back to the reality of the workplace. It was someone from the Tree Fern Landscapers & Construction firm. Her thoughts were still somersaulting while she stared at her dark screen.

“To whom am I speaking?” she asked, since a man’s penetrating voice brought her back to the present.

“Toon Haardens. This firm has changed hands, I see that we do a lot of business with your company.” In a self-assured manner he carried on speaking to someone in the background who had just walked in. When he handed her over to Nel, his receptionist, she picked up on his irritation with Nel. Glancing at her desk phone the digital time display said nine twenty, Ingrid felt the man was justified. After giving Nel the information Mr. Haardens wanted she was about to switch on her PC when her screen lit up again, like it did when a fatal error occurred. But the words!

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