My writing career started when I won a S.A literary award in 1999 for the first chapter of a novel. In 2000 A friend recommended that I should send my manuscript titled: My love we are going home, to Kima Global Publishers. In 2001 I moved to Cape Town to join Robin in his publishing company.Today I’m still very involved as the Creative director of Kima Global Publishers.

My field of interest is the awakening to our ascension. Through my art therapy and decoding workshops, a fictional human plot was born. Exploring our awakening by writing the light workers journals about the Jaarsma clan became my mission. I’ve since written 4 novels and two workbooks on the Language of light.
My investigations on this topic are also published through this wordpress blog – my other network websitesMy Tube channelMy Art work website – my other worldpress blog – ‘The end times” – My google blogger pages and newsletter titled: Ascension topics from the heart.

My passion for this topic inspired me to join several other ascension network sites, like the Gold Ring.
Through Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – and several other social networks I’ve met many co-lightworkers who all want to make a difference in this world.

My Awakening to ascension series have the following purpose..

In my first awakening novel The Awakening Clan Ingrid, one of Annelies students, writes how her reality changes due to her own desire to awaken her soul purpose. Annelies’ ascension workshop teaches types of decoding exercises in order to activate the genetic cellular memory of her students. The two follow up novels: The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveller, Richard writes his version on how Annelies’ awakening card game titled: the Eye of the observer show that our reality is a holographic third dimensional game.
Annelies her journal Vanishing Worlds continues the adventure by journeying into the cells of the body to discover what exactly biological consciousness is. Annelies is the ascension workshop facilitator and author of the workbook: The decoding of our body codes of light.

Once the human observer/ co-creator starts to understand why the 22 spacings,The Language of Light frequencies and the journals (novels) had to be written the way they are, the decoding student will awaken to the awareness that in order to manifest our Body Codes of Light, we need to restore our cellular memory back to the right frequencies. Only then will our light body template be restored back into its original blueprint. Read my spiritual disclaimer

Have a Look at the video clip on the mind drawing workshop on The language of Light The Shoot the Breeze Productions took for Free Spirit TV on channel 2 and 3 in South Africa.

The Language of Light is available for Online Ordering in SA – Check it here

Vanishing Worlds

Vanishing Worlds, is Annelies’ journal. When POWAH takes her on a macrocosmic journey, her internal dialogue with atomic level particles that make up her genetic body codes tell her a story how fantasy particles established the human identity. The future awakening novels through Yolanda and the Eye of the Beholder entity will prepare the reader for their own ascension journey.

I am 100% dedicated to making this ascension-workshop website a definitive source on the net for all things relating to ascension topics and other research do with the science of consciousness, while I’m writing my second workbook The Body Codes of Light and writing Tulanda’s journal (the fifth novel): Parallel Worlds.

It’s often my wish to dedicate more time to my own websites and blogs through:[ the article writers] especially with the building of the online Language of Light courses, but for now my internet work is still a part time endeavour, however I’m working towards that goal. My radio interview (0n channel 2 woman’s world- during 2002) was later typed out in order to explain how this whole ascension series project came about.

We are in Cape Town, South Africa – If you ever feel like visiting to contact us or to stay in our Titanya’s cottage for a holiday, let us know.


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